Welcome to the TALENT Lab.

“The Home of rational molecular design & synthesis (TALENT)”

We are seeking to build novel molecular design principles by establishing molecular structure-property relationships for enhanced functional properties of organic materials. We also develop novel synthetic methodologies to make new types of organic and polymeric functional molecules with enhanced properties that are not possible by existing synthetic methods.

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1st March 2018: Yuna, Changhoon, Yonghwan joined our group as a graduate student. Welcome!
13th October 2017: Dr. Akhter accepted an Assistant Professor position at University of Management and Technology, Chemistry, Pakistan. Congratulations!
30th September 2017: Dr. Badgujar left our group due to family emergency. We hope that Dr. Badgujar will find very nice position in near future!
1st September 2017: Doyon joined our group as a graduate student. Welcome!
6th March 2017: We welcome UNIST undergraduate interns Naeun and Yuna to the group!
1st March 2017: Youngmu, Sunghoon and Arooj joined our group as a graduate student. Welcome guys!
15th December 2016: Dr. Akhter officially joined our group. We welcome Dr. Toheed!
8th September 2016: Dr. Singh joined our group as a postdoctoral researcher from National University of Singapore. We welcome Dr. Singh!
5th September 2016: Dr. Badgujar joined our group as a postdoctoral researcher from KRICT. We welcome Dr. Badgujar!
22th August 2016: Youngmu joined our group as an undergraduate intern. We welcome Youngmu!
1st July 2016: Dr. Thangavel joined our group! We welcome Dr. Thangavel!
22th June 2016: We welcome UNIST undergraduate interns Doyon, Changhoon, Junhyeok, Yonghwan, Jungbin to the group!
15th Feburary 2016: The Kwon Lab begins!

Positions available

Are you interested in organic materials chemistry and molecular design & synthesis? Please contact Dr. Kwon (kwonms@unist.ac.kr) for any inquiries.